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first review of
"early works" (courtesy of norman records) has been added to the release page!

kodi 13 is available!

after a two-year break, Kokeshidisk is back to life with a wonderful release by japanese SAITO KOJI (remember the
"prayer" 3inch disc on taâlem). due to a little problem with printing company, "early works" will only be available in a few days. we'll keep you posted!

270209 : out for one month
a new double-cdr set gathering AIDAN BAKER (for disc one) and ARC (for disc two) tracks taken from various rare and/or out-of-print releases previously issued as cdr, cd or mp3, and compilations. "the sun is bleeding & has dark hands" is almost 160min long and was compiled by aidan himself.
check the
releases page for mp3s, press-release and other details.

130508 : out for six weeks
we continue the re-release of pre AUBE works with this double disc set "water 1991" by akifumi nakajima, another exhibition soudtrack mainly composed upon water samples between ambient and noise.
check the
releases page for mp3s, press-release and other details.

100108 : now available
out for a few weeks, the 10th Kokeshidisk release is ready to be ordered! it's "immunity" by lecanora.
lecanora was cyril herry's alias in 2001-2003, between the end of exotoendo (he was one of the founding members) and the birth of ninth desert (his latest solo project). four albums were recorded during that time but for various reasons were never released. we have compiled "immunity" from these unreleased works, a kind of best of lecanora! expect ambient/ritual atmospheres, percussion, drones, treatments & effects...
please note that people who purchase the "immunity" disc can download an exclusive bonus album (featuring seven more tracks).
check the
releases page for mp3s, press-release and other details.

on a side note, a 3rd press of the troum disc (kodi 5) was recently done and both sechres mound (kodi 3) and toy.bizarre (kodi 8) discs are now sold out. a repress might be done. please write us if you want one!

240807 : finally out!
it's been longer then planned but finally, the 9th release in the Kokeshidisk release is ready. but i may say it's worth the wait :-)
the collaboration between telepherique (germany) and s·core (japan) "result of a mail-art 1992" was first released as a cassette on telepherique's own label. this new reissue has been slightly remastered from the original cassette-master by telepherique.
a special edition (limited to 22 copies) is also available: "result of present & past mail-arts 1992-2007" comes in an oversized cardboard envelope and includes "result of a mail-art 1992", the telepherique vs. s·core "past-art" 3"cd-r (released on taâlem), the s·core 7" telepherique has reworked for the 3" and a remastered version (by andrea marutti) of the 7" on a 3"cd-r. each copy comes german or japanese stamps (11 copies of each) and is unique!
check the
releases page for mp3s, press-release and other details.

050207 : available for a few days
a collection of compilation & long out-of-print tracks (plus two previously unreleased ones) by the french sound artist toy.bizarre is the 8th reference in the Kokeshidisk series. check the
releases page for mp3s, press-release and other details.
also, first presses of sechres mound (kodi 3) and chöd (kodi 4) and second press of troum (kodi 5) are almost sold out (less than 10 copies each).

171006 : 7th reference is ready
and it's "valytheme" by y.ann, one of the ultra milkmaids twins. this is a reissue of the first & only y.ann tape, self-released in 1997 in an edition of 60 copies. some of the tracks were in fact demos for ultra milkmaids so the sound is quite close to the old milkies. everything has been remastered from the original tape by y.ann.check the
releases page for mp3s, press-release and other details.

260706 : available now
the sixth reference on Kokeshidisk is now available. always featuring a great cyril herry artwork, this new release is a reissue of the long sold-out Désaccord Majeur tape "la couleur odorante" previously published on our previous label Harmonie, plus two bonus tracks. check the
releases page for mp3s, press-release and other details.
on a side-note, the first edition of the troum disc "dreaming muzak" has very quickly sold out. a second press of 100 more copies (absolutely identical) was immediately done.

200606 : first two Kokeshidisk releases are now sold out
internal fusion "atona ton tona" (kodi 1) and akifumi nakajima "water 1990" (kodi 2) are now sold out. some copies should still be available from some of our distributors though.

150506 : available since 28 april 2006
the re-release of the first and only troum tape, previously issued in 1998. check the
releases page for all info you need.

160106 : the long awaited chöd "kala-nath" cd-r is available
the re-release of the "kala-nath" tape we released on our previous label Harmonie is finally ready. check the
releases page for full details.

031005 : sechres mound "D2 740m440" cd-r is available
sechres mound was cédric peyronnet (toy bizarre) and cyril herry (lecanora, ninth desert, exotoendo founder member). these recordings were made in a monumental unused tank ten years ago. see the
releases page for more info.

050705 : akifumi nakajima "water 1990" is available
akifumi is probably more known under his AUBE alias. see the
releases page for more info.

190405 : first Kokeshidisk cd-r is out
as it was planned for several months now, Internal Fusion "Atona Ton Tona" is out, presented in a full coloured cardboard a5 cover with a full printed cd-r. check the
releases page for more details (cover, pressrelease, mp3s).

220305 : welcome to Kokeshidisk, the new taâlem side-label
the first Kokeshidisk cd-r will be out in the first days of april 2005 : check the
releases page to discover what it is ! cover and mp3s are also online.