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we've had this idea for a while.

the purpose of Kokeshidisk is very simple : rereleasing forgotten and/or deleted works on cd-r's. works that were once issued on tapes, cd-r's, cd's, vinyls, whatever format...

we don't like the idea of not being able to get the music we want to get because it's not available anymore. that's why ta‚lem 3" are not limited.
of course, you can find some great stuff thanks to the slsk community. we have found a lot of treasures there. but mp3s are not the same.

here's the plan for Kokeshidisk releases :
there will be for each release a first edition of 100 copies with colour printed a5-sized cardboard cover and printed cd-r. then, later, if there's a demand for more, a second edition and why not a third ?

we have already many planned rereleases but if you know any forgotten masterpiece, feel free to tell us !