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kodi 6
désaccord majeur
"la couleur odorante"
24 july 2006

full color pro-printed A5-sized carboard cover in a plastic sleeve & full printed cd-r

artwork : cyril herry


reissue of the tape released in 1998 on our previous label Harmonie, "la couleur odorante" gathers eight tracks previously released on various international compilations from 1990 to 1995, showing the evolution of Désaccord Majeur music & sounds with more and more ethnic influences while keeping a melodic and evolutive structure.
this reissue includes two previously unreleaseds track from 1989 (one of the first Désaccord Majeur tracks, very ambient) and 1993 (more in the ethno-ambient sounds he's known for).


tracklisting :
1. yabusame
2. sat
3. une autre réaction
4. made in...
5. léocadie
6. spiralia
7. darbouka
8. m.o.e.r.
9. la mer des syrtes
10. folk us